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Story of South Houston Home


South Houston High School has existed on the corner of Shaver and Edgebrook for over fifty years, but So Ho is much more than a physical building.

Our faculty is a family in good times like weddings, babies, and grandchildren and disasters like funerals, illnesses, fires, and hurricanes. 

Our students appreciate the staff and the help they receive from their teachers who stay after and come before for tutorials, who attend their games and performances to cheer them on, and who write them letters of recommendation for scholarships.

Our athletes strive for their personal best, even if we do not always have a winning team. 

Our student body earns money to purchase shoes for needy children each year, then pays for the buses to drive the elementary children to a local store to purchase the shoes and feed the children lunch even though many of our own students are receiving help from the state.

We took in over one hundred students after Katrina and Rita because that is the So Ho Way. 

We have graduated students who attended Yale, Princeton, Vanderbilt, A&M, Texas, Rice, and the Air Force Academy.

We have produced doctors, lawyers, city council persons, a state representative, a local television personality, nurses, dentists, workers in retail, pharmacists, business owners, engineers, musicians, dancers, and artists, and any other job imaginable. 

We create responsible young men and women who continue to contribute to this community for years to come and even send back their own children to attend our institution.

Because we are now considered an inner-city school, in a lower-income bracket neighborhood, we try even harder to foster dedicated, caring, and affable ladies and gentlemen. 

Our faculty is constantly complimented on the behavior of our students as they represent South Houston in the real world.

We have been called the junkyard dogs, but we carry the name with pride because we thrive and survive in today's world. 

Trojans may have lost the battle of Troy, but we do not fail to prosper because the fight makes us stronger.