Degrees Offered by ECHS
  • Associate of Arts in General Studies
  • Associate of Arts in Business
  • Associate of Arts in Behavioral Science
  • Associate of Arts in Communications
  • Associate of Science in Life Science
  • Associate of Science in Mathematics
Typical Four Year Plan for ECHS Students
  • Freshman Year – 2 college classes
  • Sophomore Year – 2 college classes
  • Junior Year – 4 to 8 college classes
  • Senior Year – 4 to 8 college classes

South Houston ECHS Teams

  • 9th Grade Team: Sherry Hart (Pre AP English I), Julie Kusian (AVID),  Jacqueline Gonzalez (Pre AP Biology), Sylvia Kasperick (Pre AP Algebra I and Geometry), and Aaron Mellen (AP Human Geography and World Geography)
  • 10th Grade Team: Ja'Nae Hammond (Pre AP Algebra 2), Brieanne Stewart (Pre AP English II), Jorge Olivares (Pre AP Chemistry), Adam Rasmussen (AP World History and World History), and Kimberly Coleman (AVID)