The links on the left of this page go to various after-school, co-curricular, athletic and student media programs that might be of interest to students and parents, as well as information for picking up and dropping off students at South Houston High School. 

In addition, the PISD- Special Programs Website links to a page in the Pasadena ISD site. The content might change at any given time and is distributed among multiple documents. The topics currently include:
  • High school course selection guide for college planning
  • Student residency questionnaire
  • Two documents containing information on community resources and services available in Harris and surrounding counties related to addiction, abuse, a lack of basic needs, child care, disabilities, counseling and mental health, medical and dental, learning disabilities, Child Protective Services, etc. 
  • Mckinney-Vento resources for homeless and migrant students
  • PISD Community Partnership Forum information