Early College Staff

South Houston ECHS Teams

  • 9th Grade Team: Sherry Hart (Pre AP English I), Julie Kusian (AVID),  Jacqueline Gonzalez (Pre AP Biology), Sylvia Kasperick (Pre AP Algebra I and Geometry), and Sylvia Trevino (AP Human Geography and World Geography)
  • 10th Grade Team: Gabriel Munoz (Pre AP Algebra 2), Brieanne Stewart (Pre AP English II), Jorge Olivares (Pre AP Chemistry), Adam Rasmussen (AP World History and World History), and Carol Patterson (AVID)
ECHS Conference Periods

English I: Sherry Hart-Period
English II: Brieanne Stewart- Period
Algebra I and Geometry: Silvia Kasperick-Period
Algebra II: Gabriel Munoz-Period
Biology: Jacqueline Gonzalez-Period
Chemistry: Jorge Olivares-Period
9th Grade AVID: Julie Kusian-Period
10th Grade AVID: Carol Patterson-Period
AP Human Geography and World Geography: Sylvia Trevino-Period
AP World History and World History: Adam Rasmussen-Period