College Planning

Don't want to go to a school in Texas? That's O.K. Find the college you want to go to by searching through these links.
You know you want to go to college in Texas, but you don't know where to go. Look here for the answers.
Direct links to the Major Universities and Colleges in Texas.
Want to serve your country but you want to go to college first? Then this is what you are looking for! Explore the military academies and choose the one that fits you.

Are you wanting to participate in college sports? You have to know the rules and regulations that apply to you. Look at this site to answer the questions that you have.
You know the job you want, but what major should you choose? Here is a website to help with that decision.
Need help on the SAT or ACT? These are the people that can help you out. This site includes information on college selection and has practice tests for you to take online.
A generic application form and information for Texas colleges and universities.