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Career information and resources for those with an interest in engineering...particularly those interested in metallurgy, ceramics, plastics, semiconductors and composites
Have you thought about your career plans lately? Check out the information below on the fastest growing occupations in the US. If you want to know about the fastest growing jobs in Texas, click on “Select a State” below
College Board information, links to college recruitment online, links to universities, colleges, and financial aid.
Guides to Careers
Look at different jobs here to help decide what you want to do.

Provides free career information to Texas students and educators. The Hotline operates 8:00-5:00 CST, Monday through Friday. Callers calling during non-business hours may leave requests on voice-mail. LMCI also offers on-line occupational narrative reports. This feature lets you select the amount of detail you want on the occupation and even pick the region in Texas in which you may want to work. Pick from over 900 occupations to create your own occupational profile.

Please call 1-800-822-PLAN or Email for more information.

Information about different careers and jobs. Search by occupational clusters, alphabetical listing of occupations, or through an index. Updated every two years, this is a valuable resource for career information.